Tripadvisor's Experiences: How To Get the Best Out of It

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Today's travelers want convenience. They don't want to travel from one site to another to reserve their activities and tours. Long gone are those days when they would look up reviews on TripAdvisor and then visit your site to book tours. TripAdvisor now gives them the possibility to book tours and activities directly from their website using TripAdvisor Experiences.

As a travel agent, you are aware as an activity and tour operator that TripAdvisor is the "Google of travel". Or more accurately, it is for travel what Google is for searching. Today, it is utilized by tourists to locate and book the best excursions and activities within their chosen destination.

TripAdvisor's Experiences product is an excellent example of their genius.

What exactly is the TripAdvisor Experiences All About?

At the basic level, TripAdvisor Experiences is marketed to tour and activity operators who wish to market their products or services directly to tourists seeking activities in a destination.

LittleSmm (one of the largest tour and activity sellers online) was purchased by TripAdvisor in 2014 and was recently rebranded as TripAdvisor Experiences. That name change is likely to be due to the popularity of Booking Experiences and Airbnb Experiences. The name change could also be due to a widespread trend among travelers to want to travel and live in the same way as locals.

While the name change will only affect suppliers but the LittleSmm brand is still prominent to the public. But, LittleSmm may become TripAdvisor Experiences for all as TripAdvisor commented that the rebranding is a step towards integrating LittleSmm fully into TripAdvisor.

Not surprising at all (based on the success of TripAdvisor experiences thus far).

They have experienced tremendous successes and an increase in experiences-based tourism. According to their 2018 trends in travel report the company added 30,000 additional experiences on their website in 2017. This has resulted in the growth of 50% in the variety of activities, tours and attractions available.

What's amazing about their service, compared to Airbnb Experiences is that nearly all tour and activity products can be sold through the platform. There are currently over 140,000 tours, activities activities, and experiences across thousands of locations around the world listed on the platform.

The platform also lists events and tours included in its wide distribution network (TripAdvisor and LittleSmm among other companies) Sneak a peek here to get an article source on Tripadvisor.

What makes TripAdvisor experiences different?

TripAdvisor, unlike Airbnb Experiences which focuses on unique tours or activities, sells all sorts of tours and activities on their website.

According to Dermot Halpin, the head of the vacation and experiences rentals division "With Airbnb, you can do a little bit of being a bit critical of the general travel population and saying that it's not just about a bus trip or the Eiffel Tower. However, it is for a lot of people. The things that are mentioned will be there throughout time. We're into celebrating all those things."

Its vast distribution network is another thing that makes it different (and was briefly mentioned earlier). It means that your products and services are readily available to millions of people across the globe.

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